Quality Assurance

J.P Flour Mills is dedicated to providing top quality products. Therefore, our highly experienced staff maintains continuous and strict checks on quality at every stage of production, including the purchase of wheat, storage, processing, and distribution, to ensure a consistent product that provides our customers full satisfaction.

  • Our wheat is carefully selected to meet the highest standards in quality.
  • Each grain is rated according to freshness, size, colour and strength, with only the hard-shelled, nutritious golden coloured grains reaching the processing stage.
  • Our wheat is processed in three stages to remove all impurities.
  • The final product is carefully packaged to retain freshness and taste.

From our family to yours, JP and AMAN are the safe, nutritious and tasty choice!


  • APEDA Certificate
  • Food Licence
  • Grade R103_Food grade certificate
  • Halal India Certificate
  • Relene 24FS040
  • Relene F19010
1000 metric ton
shipped worldwide